Pedigree of THE HINKS DREAM ENJOY THE SILENCE (aka Pablo) (DOB: 30/Feb/2017)
Trevo Da Horta Primeira

Ceson De Lua-Luna
Ch Arcano's As-De-Corazones Ch Arcan's Nazareno
Ch Arcanos Seductora
Ch Arcano's La-Regente Ch Arcano's El Gotico (?)
Ch Arcano's Goyesca
Rosa Da Horta Primeira Ch Little Clamar's Brown Angel Ch Ceson De Lua-Luna
Ch Amie De La Chapellerie (?)
Raz Da Horta Primeira Ch Laddland Face To Face
Nikki Da Horta Primeira

Passport Say What You Mean
Darshans Hummer V Jagies
Ch Jagie's I love The Nightlife
Ch Jagie's Sunkissed Phoenix
Ch Jagi's Ariel Whistlestop
Ch Jage's Erica Of Darshan Ch Jagie's Sunkissed Murphus Law
Ch Galadachs Sunkissed
Ch Passport Predule To A Kiss Ch Hiswill's Mr Bosley Hiswill's Thos One's Bud
Ch Joyal's Fairest Of Them All
Suwannee Passport I feel Lucky Ch Midernoch Great Expectation
Midernoch Destiny's Child