PEDIGREE of Excellmagic 'X' (DOB: 01/Nov/2021)
The Wones I Just Can’t Wait To Win (India)

Tanaray Torch Parade
click Ch.Barkerville Torchy Miller click Ch.Jonlin Sir Boyd click Ch Jagie's Sunkissed Phoenix
Ch.Blackloch Quintessenz
click Ch.Barkerville Vogue click Ch.Barkerville Gabriel
click Ch.Barkerville Quetzal
Ch.Tanaray Time After Time
click Ch.Abnaki Tanaray Top Hat click Ch.Abnaki's Black Tie Affair
click Ch.Tanaray Truffle
click Ch.Tanaray Tatiana click Ch. Abnaki's Wing Commander
click Ch.Tanaray Truffle
Chanji's Ferric's Spesial Delivery click
Ch.Jumarnic Smooth Operator
click Ch.Tischamingo All Hotted Up click Ch.Tischamingo As Cool As
click Ch.Tischamingo Foolish Games
click Ch.Hacienda Ewe Lil Beauty click Ch. Tiermark Jazz
click Ch. Hacienda Bet On Black
Chanji's Camella Padpranpark's Voyager Ch.Criscross Black Adder SS
Padpranparks Nina Meena
Shell Sheilds Dansing Doll click Ch.Daxford Winchester
click Ch.Hacienda Excetra Excetra
Excellmagic Pansy PowerOfLove

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click Ch.INT,RUS,BEL,Club, Russian Winner'2014
Excellmagic Power Point

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click Ch.Hampdach Pyrrus click Ch.Jagie's I Love The Nightlife click Ch.Jagie's Sunkissed Phoenix
Ch.Jagie's Ariel Of Whistletop
click Ch.Hampdach Alinga click Ch.Laen Rumourz Run Riot at Hampdach
click Hampdach Miss Millicent
click Ch.Excellmagic Heavenly Happiness
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click Ch.Exclusiv vom Rainershlossl click Jazz vom Rainershlossl
click Greta vom Dinkelgrund
click JCh.Excellmagic Evoke Emotion
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click Ch.Hampdach Aristaeus
click Ch.Excellmagic Bonnie Blue
click Ch.GRAND, RUS, Club
Excellmagic Helli Hilari

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Excellmagic Zippy Zevs
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click Ch.Kan Trace Qashqai for Green Town Ch.Kan Trace Kenzo
Ch.Kan Trace Odette
Excellmagic Newerwinter Nicity
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click Ch.Excellmagic Guardoespaldas
click Ch.Excellmagic Evoke Emotion

click Ch.Grand,RUS
Excellmagic Agiriya Aira

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click Ch.Excellmagic Proud Person
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click Ch.Hampdach Pyrrus
click Ch.Excellmagic Heavenly Happiness
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click Ch.Pipacs Diva Noire
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click Ch.Panda Diva Noire
click Ch.Zizgo Diva Noire