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WE have interesting babies!

We have available puppies out of wonderful dogs! Interesting combinations, interesting blood-lines, the best what we can do for our dogs!
More information about puppies you can find on our PUPPIES page
WE ARE PROUD of our DOGS and our 91 CHAMPIONS!
NEW Champions:

Excellmagic L'Kris Knight
Excellmagic Igneous Imp
Excellmagic Irika Improve
Excellmagic Irish Irony
Excellmagic Infinity Illusion
Excellmagic Hessa Hamilton
Excellmagic Ginger Glintwein
Excellmagic Granada Gvarnery
Excellmagic Fiery Flamenco
Excellmagic Felicity Forever

World Speciality Dachshunds Show (Jun.2016) Moscow, Russia:
our Great boy EXCELLMAGIC YARDAN YELLOWSTONE got BOS and Champion of BREED 2016!

GOLDEN COLLAR, The YEAR Champion SHOW (Dec.2016) Moscow, Russia:
our Amazing boy EXCELLMAGIC YARDAN YELLOWSTONE got BOS, and double title Champion of BREED 2016!
Congratulations to his owners Ekaterina Malishevskaya and Viktoria Petrova & co-breeder Galina Gorelova!

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I bit of memory:
Me and dogs, 2010 The kennel name was registred in the end of 2004 year, the first litter of SS puppies was born in Jan.2005. From that time we started our breeding work full of love with our dogs. The first SS stud-dog (puppy-boy) was imported from UK in Apr.2006 it was our Legend dog Multi Champion, International Champion, CRUFT's winner Hampdach Ariestaeus (aka "Chester"). He was such an amazing soul-mate my dog, he got a great show-carier with a lot of big winns, he was a good produce dog, he gave us many great looking kids, many so special puppies and dogs, he is a legend-dog of my kennel now. I'm very thankful for him to Kath, Andy and Clare Bethel! Thank you so much for that really magic boy! My Legend Chester boy R.I.P. everytime on my heart.
Love you my baby!

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